Decorating Your Outdoor Space With Pillows

Like your living or family room, your outdoor space can benefit from the addition of some decorative pillows. Outdoor pillows are available in many different styles, colors and patterns, so they will fit in with just about any patio style, from English garden to beachy. You can create a number of different looks just by changing your pillows. Here are a few tips for using them to make the most of your space:

Try mixing and matching several different sizes, shapes and patterns for a “found” look. This works very well with neutral-colored cushions like taupe, brown or white. Be sure the colors coordinate or it will end up looking thrown together. Keep numbers even for symmetry.

Try using texture instead of color. Pick out several pillows in the same color, but with different textures. A subtle pattern or embellishment will add interest. Try throwing a round outdoor cushion into the mix as well – just be sure the color is the same.

Mix patterns and solids. Try a couple of solid pillows paired with the same number of pillows with a matching pattern. This will make the pattern you choose stand out, with the solid pillows as the anchor.

Try adding some fresh color. If your furniture cushions are bright, try grounding the look with pillows in neutral colors and patterns. Or, if your cushions are in a neutral hue, pick out some fun colors that will really stand out. Use different, but complementary colors for the biggest impact.

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