Choosing A Patio Set

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a set of patio furniture. This is a purchase that you would like to last for many summers to come, so selecting the right style and quality is important.

Style is usually the first thing we look at when we are choosing any furnishings, and patio furniture is no different. Today’s sets come in a variety of styles and configurations, so there should be something to appeal to everyone. From modern patio furniture to something more traditional to a little bit country, there’s something for every taste. Find the style and color that appeal to you most and fits in with the style of your home and garden.

The care of your furniture is an important consideration. Keep your own habits in mind when making your choice. If you prefer to hose off the furniture once in a while and don’t think about much between cleanings, choose something that’s low-maintenance. Most pieces can be hosed down regularly to keep most dirt at bay, and washed with soap and water occasionally. Teak can be fairly easy to care for if you like the silvery patina it achieves when left untreated. If you would prefer it to stay like new, it requires regular sanding and sealing. Natural wicker needs regular wiping and should be kept in the shade so it doesn’t dry out. It also requires protection from moist conditions and should not be left out in the rain.

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