Rocking Chair Pads: The Basics

While rocking chairs can be fun and even relaxing to sit on, they are sometimes a bit hard on the back and legs, particularly if they are made of wood. A set of rocking chair pads can not only make rocking more comfortable, it can add a decorator touch to the chair and the room.

Choosing the right pads is important, as you’ll get more from them if they fit your particular chair. Many rocker pads come in sets of two: one for the seat, the other for the back of the rocker. They either tie to the back of the chair with plain string ties or Velcro strips. Some may have a rubber backing to prevent slipping. The pads come in different styles made to fit either standard or deluxe-sized rocking chairs, which are a bit bigger than standard. The average thickness of the pads is about 3 inches.

Rocking chair pads today are available in a large selection of colors and fabrics. There are solids in microfiber, cotton, shantung and more. Patterns run the gamut from stripes to plaids to florals. With so many choices, it would be hard not to find the perfect set for your decor.

Caring for your rocking chair pads is fairly easy. Giving them a good vacuuming on a regular basis will help keep dirt and dust from getting down into the fibers. Most pads can be spot-cleaned if they get soiled, but should not be washed.

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