Looking For Chair Pads? Think Round

Have you considered round chair pads to enhance the comfort and looks of your chairs? These pads are as versatile as they are decorative. If you’d like to try something a bit different than your old square or rectangular chair pads, look into round.

There are many styles of chairs that have round seats, including the very popular bistro sets that are popping up in homes and on patios all over. Most of these do not come padded, so adding a pretty chair pad can make the chairs more comfortable while they dress them up a bit. A lot of stools have round seats, and a round chair pad is ideal for these as well.

Even if your chairs don’t have round seats, you might still consider a round pad if your chair has a unique style or a smaller seat. The round shape will fit odd seats better, and it takes up less room than other shapes.

Chair pads come in many different looks. Materials range from cotton to braided yarn to more upscale fabrics like leather or velvet. Patterns include florals, solids, checks and stripes.

When measuring for your pads, keep in mind that their measurements are expressed in diameter and thickness. Always measure your seat area before making a purchase. You also want to consider the height of the seat when buying.

These pads are not just for indoors—there are many outdoor versions available so you can use this interesting shape on our porch or patio.

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