Decorating With Chair Pads

Dining chair pads are a great, fast way to spruce up your dining room with minimal effort. Not only do chair pads add color and pattern to the room, they help provide comfortable seating for you, your family and your guests and they help hide the wear and tear that can be evident on older pieces of furniture. They can also help protect new chairs by shielding them from some of bumps, dings and scratches they can incur from normal daily use.

Wooden chairs are beautiful, less expensive and last longer than their upholstered counterparts, but they don’t always provide the maximum in comfort. Adding chair pads solves this problem. Another advantage is that you can simply replace them if they become damaged.

Giving your dining room an upgrade with chair pads is really quite easy. Look for pads that suit the style of your chairs. For example, a tufted pad would go well in a more traditional setting, while a sleeker one would work better in a modern or contemporary room. Choose a color or color that will 1) work with the color of your dining set and 2) work with the other colors in your dining room. Pick up a hue from the drapes or the carpet or even your dishes. Add a pattern to give some visual interest to the space.

Dining chair pads are available in a great variety of colors, fabric and patterns, so you’ll have many choices no matter what your decor goals are.

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