Tips To A Cozy Outdoor Room

If you’d like to do something different with your patio this season, consider transforming it into a cozy retreat. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Choose A Theme
Create your patio in a style that echoes that of your house. If you have a Spanish Revival, think Mediterranean; a Tudor, try an English garden. A theme will help focus your efforts and give cues for fabrics and color schemes.

Create Intimate Conversation Areas
Cluster chairs or sofas together in small seating areas to create intimate spaces for guests to gather and talk. Lay down some patio rugs to help define these areas and give a cozier feel.

Add Water
A fountain or other water feature can help mask the sounds of the outside world, which will make your patio feel more secluded.

Enclose The Space
A garden wall, stand-alone trellis or pergola covered with climbing plants defines your patio space and turns it into a cozy outdoor room. You could also use outdoor curtains for this purpose.

Don’t forget to accessorize your outdoor space; it will help make the difference between a plain patio and a wonderful outdoor room. Look for weather-resistant accessories like pottery and outdoor statues. Clusters of potted flowers work well too.

Add Fire
A fireplace, fire bowl or fire pit can add some warmth and light to your space and create an intimate seating area after dark. A smattering of candles placed throughout your outdoor space can have a similar effect.

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