Picnic: The Essentials

Picnics are an annual spring and summer rite. Dining outdoors has special appeal and is a great way to get out and enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones. If you’re planning even one picnic this year, there are a few items that should be considered essentials.

A Good BasketYour picnic basket should be large enough . . . → Read More: Picnic: The Essentials

Try A Wine And Cheese Picnic

If you’re headed to an outdoor concert or other evening event and you’d rather not lug an entire dinner with you, consider a wine and cheese picnic as an alternative. They’re easy to put together, don’t take up much room and are ideal for events where there are crowds and space may be tight.

The FoodThe food . . . → Read More: Try A Wine And Cheese Picnic

Planning A Romantic Picnic For Two

Warm summer evenings are perfect for dining with your honey under the stars. A romantic picnic for two is a snap to put together, doesn’t have to cost much and will reap wonderful rewards. With a little bit of planning, you can create a truly memorable evening in no time.

Pick The Perfect SpotThe perfect picnic spot . . . → Read More: Planning A Romantic Picnic For Two

A Lamp For Every Room

You’ve decorated your entire space, but now you need to choose the proper lamp. The right lamp can be the ultimate finishing touch to your room. Here are some ideas for finding the best one for your space.

First you should determine what type of lamp or lamps you’ll need to ensure the room will have sufficient . . . → Read More: A Lamp For Every Room

Match Your Lamp With Your Decorating Style

Lighting is the finishing touch in any room. It sets the mood and accents the room, creating a specific effect. Consider lighting an essential part of your room décor and you will never go wrong. The light fixtures and pattern should blend beautifully with your decorating scheme. There also should be sufficient light for the type . . . → Read More: Match Your Lamp With Your Decorating Style

Easy Outdoor Decor

Creating a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space doesn’t have to be time-consuming. There are simple things you can do to make your patio a welcoming space for you and your guests.

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space. Bring in elements usually used indoors like mirrors, curtains and pillows. You can even . . . → Read More: Easy Outdoor Decor

Give Your Patio The Finishing Touch

A great outdoor space is often in the details. Adding the finishing touches to your patio or porch can take it from nice to knockout without much effort. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Add Some ColorColorful or flowering plants grouped together in containers not only adds color and texture to your space, it . . . → Read More: Give Your Patio The Finishing Touch

Get Inspired In Your Patio Design

When spring blooms, it’s easy to start plotting how to spend more time outside. Putting together a great outdoor space is one way to ensure that you’ll log a lot of fresh-air time in the coming months. But where do you start? Try finding a good source of inspiration. Here are some ideas:

Pick A Color, Any . . . → Read More: Get Inspired In Your Patio Design

Merchandising Your Patio

In retail, merchandising means presenting an item in its best light. You can do this with your home as well, making the most of any space with a bit of artful arrangement. The patio is no exception. If you want your outdoor space to put on its party best, here are some tips to help you . . . → Read More: Merchandising Your Patio

Add Some Moroccan Style To Your Patio

If your outdoor space could use a little spice, think Morocco. The Moroccan style incorporates wonderful color and texture and will help create a really unique look for your patio or deck.

This style uses rich jewel tones paired with natural materials and graceful shapes. Putting the style to work in your space doesn’t have to . . . → Read More: Add Some Moroccan Style To Your Patio