How to Decorate a Sports-Themed Family Room

Decorating a family room with a sports theme is a little bit different than decorating a child’s room. A family room is a place for the entire family, and also a place to entertain guests. The decor should be a bit more sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too.

Chances are, if you are thinking of transforming your family room into a sports haven, you have a favorite sport or team. Use that as a starting point in your decor. Team colors can be used as the color scheme, and help you easily create a coordinated look.

Sports memorabilia and collections are wonderful decorations. A signed jersey can be elegantly framed and hung on the wall. Collections can be displayed in shadowboxes on wall shelves or on the shelves of your media cabinet. If you have great photos of players or stadiums, frame and hang them as well. Don’t overdo it though, or your room will start to look like a sports bar.

Furnishings should be durable, comfortable, and blend with your color scheme. If the team colors you’ve chosen are bright, go neutral with your upholstered furniture and fabrics or choose a deeper shade to tone the colors down.

Look for sports bedding sets to create washable, team-themed slipcovers for your throw pillows. You can display the pillows full-time or remove the slipcovers when company comes. Just be sure the pillows match the room.

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