Five Things Your Kitchen Shouldn’t Be Without

There are some kitchen items you’d never miss, and others that make you wonder how you got along without them. Here are five simple gadgets that, once you try ‘em, you’ll never want to be without.

Cookbook Stand
If you use cookbooks, you need a stand. Not only will hold your book at an optimal angle for reading, it will hold your page open. Extra points for one with a splatter guard to keep books clean.

Grater With Container
The container snaps on the grater and all the cheese (or chocolate or whatever) goes right into the container. These also come with a lid so you can grate a little extra and keep it handy.

Stainless Steel Soap Bar
Soap can’t take care of the smell of garlic on your fingers, but stainless steel can. When rubbed on your hands under running water, the bar wipes away the heady aroma of garlic and onions while fitting easily in your hand.

Kitchen Wall Clock
It sounds so basic, but when you’re cooking, you’ll need to see a) how long those onions have been sautéing and b) how much longer until the chicken is done. Nothing’s easier than looking up at the wall above the stove at an old-school clock.

Collapsible Funnel
You say you don’t need a funnel. Until you do, that is. They just take up too much room, right? Not anymore. A collapsible model will fit in any drawer easily and always be ready when you need it.

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