Creating a Football Haven for Boys

If you have a boy who’s crazy about football, a football-themed room seems to be a natural choice. Creating a themed room can be fun for both you and your child if you’d like to involve him in some of the decisions. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

First, you must decide exactly what your theme will be. Are you thinking about a specific team or just football in general? Answering that question will help narrow your choices.

If you want to focus on a particular team, your job will be much easier. You can find boys sports bedding with your desired team’s logo and colors and use it as a guide. Many home improvement stores feature paint with the color schemes of professional and college football teams.

After you’ve gotten your colors chosen, you can decide on the wall décor. With decals, you can add team logos to the walls or you can create a football field by using decals or paint to create the yard markers (the wall color in that case should be green).

Consider some creative touches to complete your look. Try using a team jersey in place of a window valence. Use a curtain rod to hang a XXL jersey across the top of the window. Team pennants, or the pennants of all pro or college teams if you’re doing a generic football theme, can be hung around the room close to the ceiling, acting as a border.

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