Five Bedroom Must-Haves

A well-appointed bedroom is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. The bedroom is our haven, a place of peace and restfulness. There are few essentials things that will help make this most important room the best it can be.

Soothing Colors
Color has a profound psychological effect on us. Surrounding yourself with peaceful, restful colors like blues or earth tones help you wind down at bedtime and may even help you sleep better.

Comfortable Sheets
Buy the highest thread count set you can afford. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will be. Sliding between blissfully soft sheets can put you in a sleeping state of mind before you even close your eyes. Look for 100 percent Egyptian or Supima cotton for longer wear.

Adequate Storage
A cluttered bedroom is not conducive to relaxation. A messy room feels turbulent, making it harder to wind down. Having a place for everything and putting everything away can help bring a sense of peace to the room that can positively impact your quality of sleep.

A Wardrobe Valet
Why do you need a wardrobe valet? Laying out your clothes the night before saves time and aggravation in the morning. A wardrobe valet allows you to put together an outfit the night before and make sure it stays wrinkle-free. Many valets also have shelves, shoe rests, and drawers that allow you to put your entire outfit together in one place before you head to bed, making mornings more peaceful.

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