Designing a Bedroom for the Two of You

Sharing space can be difficult, especially when you both want different things, as is usually the case with men and women. Creating a bedroom decorating scheme that works for both sexes can be a challenge, but with a little compromise you can design something that both of your will be happy with.

Find Common Ground
Find things that you both love, or even just one thing. It can be a piece of art, a vase or even a color. You can build your design around that one item or theme.

Keep Accents To A Minimum
Keeping pieces to a minimum, and making sure they’re meaningful to both of you is important. A vase or pair of vases, along with a place for his things—like a mens valet—should be enough for the dresser.

The room should reflect the people who occupy it. Both people. That means she shouldn’t allow the decor to be too masculine and he shouldn’t allow it to be too feminine. Find a good mix that will satisfy both..

Go Neutral
Use neutral colors like beige and brown or gray and navy and add pops of another color in accessories. Not only will this keep the room from being too “manly” or “girly,” it looks very sophisticated. You also want to stay neutral in your choice of artwork. Simple pieces like black and white photographs work really well in this capacity and also increase the sophistication factor.

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