Decor for the Sharp-Dressed Man

A man who is careful with his appearance—always impeccably dressed and turned out—is likely to be careful with the appearance of his home as well. A space that’s all his should pick up on his cues and reflect his style. Here are a few tips on how to create a bedroom that he’ll feel right at home in.

Start with a neutral color palette. Most men’s suits come in neutrals: browns, grays, blacks, navys. Keep to these colors as your main focus, then you can add a dash of color with accessories, the way the tie punches up the suit.

Keep the lines tailored. This means staying away from anything pleated or “puffy.” Upholstered furnishings should be trim and tight, and dressers and side tables should be angular and edgy.

Follow his individual style. Look at his clothing and find the predominant colors and moods. This will give you cues to colors, textures, and patterns that he likes.

Give a nod to his sartorial splendor by outfitting the room with items that help him care for his clothing. A suit valet is almost a necessity for a well-dressed man, keeping his treasured suits, shirts and ties ready and wrinkle-free while he sleeps. A valet for the dresser can hold his wallet, keys, loose change, and other small items.

Bedding should also reflect his taste in clothing. Use cues from his closet to choose fabrics and patterns. Again, think neutral backgrounds with just a hint of color.

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