Money-Saving Decor Ideas

Just because money is tight it doesn’t mean that you can make your home a bit more beautiful. Here are five decorating ideas that don’t cost a lot—some may even save you money.

Rearrange the FurnitureA little shuffling can make a room feel brand new. Bring sofas and chairs off of the walls. Create intimate sitting areas. . . . → Read More: Money-Saving Decor Ideas

Warm Up Your Decor

When the weather’s cold, adding a few warm touches to your home can make things feel a little less bleak. Here are a few things you can do to bring a cozy feeling into your home that can keep you going until spring.

Add CandlesThe warm light of a candle can add the cozy feel of a . . . → Read More: Warm Up Your Decor

Ideas for a Cozy Family Room

Creating a cozy space for your family to gather is a labor of love, but getting started can be difficult. Here are a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction.

Consider Your NeedsThink about how you actually use the family room. Is it a place for everyone to gather to watch movies? Do you . . . → Read More: Ideas for a Cozy Family Room

How To: Safari Nursery

Looking for a fresh idea for your baby nursery? How about a sophisticated safari theme? Putting a great safari look together requires an eye for detail and a fun-loving spirit.

Your color palette will be shades of taupe, khaki, and olive green with hints of brown and black. This neutral backdrop calls for lots of pattern, so . . . → Read More: How To: Safari Nursery

How To: Parisian Nursery

Creating an elegant nursery fashioned after a chic Parisian flat is a fun project to keep you occupied while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive. Putting it all together requires a light hand and a light heart. Less is always more when it comes to nursery decor.

FurnishingsWhen it comes to your crib and other furnishings, . . . → Read More: How To: Parisian Nursery

Feng Shui Your Nursery

Feng Shui is a design movement that seeks to achieve harmony by directing “chi,” or the flow of energy that sustains life. The goal is to align the room so that the energy will flow optimally and the occupants will flourish and prosper because of it. The principles of Feng Shui have found their way into . . . → Read More: Feng Shui Your Nursery

How To: White Nursery

An all-white nursery is gender-neutral and oh-so-chic. Putting together a warm, inviting nursery using a white palette isn’t as hard as it may seem. As with any color palette, it’s the tone of the color that sets the tone of the room.

The key to a successful white nursery is to look for whites with warm undertones . . . → Read More: How To: White Nursery

Thoroughly Modern Baby

A modern nursery? Absolutely! If you want to go against the grain and pull together a sleek, modern look for your baby’s room, there’s no reason why you can’t. There are so many options available today in furnishings, crib sets, and accessories that a modern nursery is easy to create.

Start with your furnishings. A modern crib . . . → Read More: Thoroughly Modern Baby

Decorating for Two: When Baby Moves in

How do you create design harmony in a room to be shared by a newborn and an older sibling? It takes a bit of creativity, but it can be done. Here are a few tips to help keep your sanity intact while creating a welcoming space for both kids.

If your older child is old enough to . . . → Read More: Decorating for Two: When Baby Moves in

An Eco-Friendly Nursery

As we all try to live a little greener, it’s natural that parents-to-be want to extend that idea to the nursery. Here’s what to look for:

FurnitureThe most obvious place to start with your eco-friendly nursery is the furniture. Look for solid wood cribs, dressers, and other furnishings that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council so . . . → Read More: An Eco-Friendly Nursery